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Hello to all, as I hope is conveyed well, I am into pretty much all things science fiction, from the lightsabers of Star Wars, to the biotics of Mass Effect.

I've been a YouTuber with a different channel for a couple years and though rather than just spewing random information about ships and random stuff in my lets-plays, make videos about that!

And sadly YouTube isn't my full time job, so if you have some extra money and would like to support the channel to help me in my quest to not only make better quality videos but also make YouTube my full-time job, considering helping out as your support will help me to achieve that goal faster and get you some nice perks as well.

My main goals are to have YouTube be my full-time job and to release a video everyday and never to miss a day!
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Includes previous perks as well as access to exclusive decision threads, where you help me decide what videos get made and suggested where you'll get to put forward your own ideas.
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Includes previous perks as well as... anything you can think of, even voice chat about it on the discord server.
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