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Many of my friends know me as the nerd. The geek who knows all sorts of things technology. In my life's journey I've come to accept this, and well, I'm here to share it all with everyone I meet. I've been interested in science and science fiction for as long as I can remember, and I'm taking on this video series as a way to share what I love with the world. I am endlessly fascinated by the amazing things that are happening in the world, or things that are being created every day. I feel like sharing all of these fantastic things with people, because I believe it can help make life easier, more fun, and enjoyable

Having worked in the technology field for many years, including my education in electronics, I feel that I've got a nice insight into the world of gadgets. I hope to share this vision with you! I am a gamer, and my preferred platform is still the PC. I feel that personal computers afford a greater sense of precision that I haven't found with other systems, so I've stuck with what I am most comfortable. I'll be sure to include games I've played in the past, as well as the present "addictions." 

You can also look forward to my coverage of some local conventions I only recently began attending. I started three years ago at Starfest here in Denver, Colorado. I've since been to a few more small conventions, as well as the newly minted Denver Comic Con, which is now in it's third year.

Why Patreon?
Hopefully you watched the introduction video to my page here and understand what Patreon is all about. If not, here's the quick, quick version:
  • I want to make some sci-fi, science/tech, and gamer/gadget videos.
  • This takes time, effort, and resources. Think cameras, software, lights, beer, etc.
  • Patreon is like crowdfunding (lots of people making itty bitty contributions) and you become a Patron of mine. 
  • I'm actually creating free content - think of it as "tipping" or "donating to the arts".
  • I produce good content for your viewing pleasure!
Think of me as the small business/mom & pop kind of operation - I could use the local (and beyond) support to pursue this endeavor. Remember too, you can set limits to how much you donate, so you don't go over budget.

I look forward to producing some great shows for you. I also plan on having special guests, whether they be my own friends, or people I meet at Starfest and Denver Comic Con. I hope to have all of that fun content available for you soon!

Thank you,
Bradley Greager
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