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I thank you for the support. You are more then welcome to my Discord if you like. I will do my best to not let you down. 
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About Scifijunk

Welcome to my channel. I have not streamed for very long so please remember I'm still learning and hope to get better over time. I appreciate your visit. I have not set a time schedule for streaming but I will try to stream for about four hours a day except weekends since I am a caregiver and I think that is the longest I can get away with right now.

I always allow the connection to settle the first three to five minutes of the stream. I'm also aware then My Stream is not of the best quality but I really don't have the funds to get a better connection. This means I got to use what I have.

If you want to support a caregiver and IT guy on his off time then please feel free to tip! All tips go to taking care of me, my mother along with a number of other things. This also goes to help me with making this stream better as this is my first channel!

Please remember that you are not required to tip, Subscribe, or be a patron. These are just a means you can support me and what I do if you like.