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Hello. My name is Tim Murray and I am trying to make a dream come true. My dream was to write a book entitled “Thumar”, that began 28 years ago.

Like most of you out there know, all too often a dream gets put on the back burner while you try to get an education, get a job to make a living, go into the military or get married and raise a family. Everyday needs get in the way of pursuing dreams, for some the time never comes, for others dreams are deferred. Mine was a dream deferred.

I was born in Long Beach, California, raised in the Santa Clara valley, and then moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains, before I attended college in Saratoga, California. I was an avid Science Fiction reader and my favorite authors were Arthur C. Clarke and Asimov. I loved all things Science and had hoped to become a Physicist until I realized that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Being at loose ends after that sudden dismal realization I decided to join the Air Force and became an Electronics Technician. I pursued a college education, via ROTC, to become an officer. That dream too got a swift kick to the side and I ultimately made E4 at the Tactical Air Command based in Hampton, Virginia. After 4 years, I opted out of the military.

I ended up getting married and ultimately that didn't work out. Still all my experiences were melding into the fabric that would develop into the beginnings of a science fiction story of my own. I guess sometimes you just have to go through what you go through to get enough experience behind you to actually flesh out a project like this. Certainly that is what happened with me. When I was young I just did not have enough experiences nor material collected, for me it took years to get to the point of being able to say...I can do this, but the time must be now.

In 2012 all the elements started coming together and within a very short period of time I had my book completed. “Thumar” had become a reality. Putting it on paper however is not the final phase of a books development, as I was about to see. It took time, money; sweat, frustration, and redo after redo, in order to get “Thumar” where it is now.

“Thumar” was not satisfied with being a one book edition; it had other ideas and took on a life of its own. As my first book was in the process of being read and re-read, edited and re-edited, and as I am complicit in the creation of the story “Thumar” convinced me it was a much larger story than I had realized and “Thumar” became a series. So I started on a second book.

Now as I am in the process of getting readings and editing done on the second book, I am working on a third and a fourth simultaneously. “Thumar” was right, its story is far bigger than I ever had imagined it could be, or would be. And I need your help and support to continue making this dream come true.

I have already shown my commitment and ability to create a book out of a dream. Ill health, after a heart attack, and long re-cooperation from that attack has depleted all my reserves, financial and physically. All of my available resources were put into the creation of the first book through its first edition printing. Though “Thumar” is now available for purchase, as an independent release on Amazon, just having it out there does not guarantee sales, and my second, third, fourth, and who knows maybe more books in the series, are in development.

I believe in the story of “Thumar”. I believe in the concepts, the science, and the characters.  Derak, is my fictional alter ego, and I get to live his remarkable life through his adventures. And my great hope is that other people will enjoy that same kind of vicarious life through the reading of my book. Derak is an amazing character; the love he shares with the other-worldly, and incredibly sexy and beautiful Shesain is incomparable. He is a genetically modified warrior and planetary playboy who comes into contact with an alien world of such amazing customs and traditions that it totally shakes his world. His life through the series is one of evolution from a desperate street kid in New York on planet Earth, mentored by a martial arts mystic who helps him survive and thrive. He progresses to a super human military warrior assassin wondering why he has the incredible skills he has, to a lover he never knew he could be, and ultimately to become the savior of a planet and planetary system threatened by numerous and amazingly vicious alien forces.

When you read my books you will see the quality I have provided and you will find yourself easily transported, as Derak is, through the story's lush imagery to this new world of Thumar. Thumar's vistas, visions, and values will engage your mind, as Shesain and Thumar become more than just another alien and alien planet to Derak. You will find yourself absorbed by Thumar's wonders and history and you will be thrilled by the dangers, close calls, and challenges Derak faces in trying to make Thumar his new home.

I will also try to create new rewards as they become feasible, to show my appreciation. This is a journey started a long time ago...I am so excited to move forward and see where the “adventures of Derak, Shesain, and Thumar will take me. I am looking forward to you partnering with me on this journey. It will be quite a trip to the distant reaches of the galaxy.

Please donate $3.00 to $5.00 or more to “Thumar” marketing and the creation of its sequels. This is less than a six pack of soda's or a Starbucks coffee per month.

Your financial support and commitment will help in several vitally important ways:

1) Marketing is important. There are marketing conventions and author/agent networking conventions coming up soon, and every year for future books. Taking my book “Thumar” there can possibly open some doors, and introduce my material to people I might otherwise have a difficult time reaching as an independent author. The hope is always that a publishing agent will see your work and give you that all elusive deal to take it to new heights. Personally, I think “Thumar” has the makings of a thrilling movie.
2) The new books need to be edited, published, and marketed also as they become available. That means more conventions and more costs associated with printing, artwork, etc, all the things that go into creating a winning book.
3) It will help take some stress off me to make sure I can continue to create more books in the series and see them to completion. The bottom line is that none of us know when time will turn against us. “Thumar” has waited a long time to see the light of day. We all have to look at ourselves and say at some point “if not now...when? The heart attack was a real wake up call to me.
$1.56 of $3,500 per month
This will allow me to include you in helping me spread the "Thumar Universe," and my short stories around the world.
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