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About Scot Morrison

For better or worse, media plays an enormous part in our lives.
From children's cartoons that tug at our heartstrings to YouTube sketches funnier than many Hollywood comedies; from telecom commercials that make you want to phone your parents to indie platformers that make you question the meaning of life, the media we consume has an huge impact on us.

My name is Scot, and I'm a filmmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland. I make short video essays that analyse the media I encounter in my daily life. Currently, they are produced very infrequently (one every two or three months), with my latest one taking particularly long due to my decision to actually shoot stuff for it, as opposed to solely editing existing footage. With your help, I can begin making these far more frequently.

I don't believe you should be forced to pay to watch online content like this, with your money or your time. I'd like to use Patreon as a way to fund the research and production of these videos completely at your discretion.

So join me as we take a discerning look at the equally wonderful and manipulative world of media!
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If I manage to reach $500 per month I'll be able to invest money in lighting equipment to make every essay I create a live-presented one.

Currently I can only afford to do this every so often, but with some financial support I can afford the equipment rental costs for the shoot!
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