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If you donate at least this much per month will have access to pencils and inks of my pages (without the dialog) as I complete them, posted to my Patreon activity page. To minimize the "spoiler" effect, I post these after the finished strips go live on the QV site. I'll also post sketches and other bits of art that I make from time to time.
Five Pillars of Bubbleopolis
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In addition to the above, if you donate at least this much per month for at least six months I will send you an electronic version of the most current volume of QUANTUM VIBE. (This will have higher resolution (150 ppi) than the web version, and is yours to keep even if the website goes away.)




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About Scott Bieser

I've been creating QUANTUM VIBE, a slightly-mad science-fiction web-comic, since January 2011. I love writing and drawing this 5-day-per-week comic, but it's a full-time commitment and to keep it going I'm going to need more help keeping the lights on, the rent paid, and maintaining my tools. This is where you, my readers, come in.

I know you're out there, Google and Project Wonderful tell me so. However, most of my advertising income goes right back into paying for promoting the strip elsewhere, and book sales are good but not enough yet. So, I've turned to Patreon.

Patreon allows fans to easily donate a small amount of money on a monthly basis, and if there are enough of you donating, I won't have to abandon the strip or cut its frequency way back while I do other work.

Of course, I understand people like to have incentives to donate so I've come up with a few that should encourage readers to help out. Incentives are listed below, and cumulative milestones (total donations per month) are listed in the side-bar on the left.

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This will pay my bills and let me live like a normal person without having to have a second job. It will make me very happy. That's all I can honestly say.

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