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is creating journeys of discovery, knowledge, and spiritual growth.
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About Scott Felluss

Aloha, I’m stoked to see you here! I’m Scott, new to Patreon. But that’s great! Zen Mind is Beginners mind! I made the video above to introduce myself from my littler corner of the world in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will give you a brief and abbreviated version of what I’m up to and what journeys are on the horizon. This year I take on the world from my little graduate school dorm on campus. There so much to do. So much to learn. So much to discover. Come join me. I’ve literally gone 'all in' here - I traded my life in the Bay Area for a chance at a doctorate degree on Classical Theater... in India!. This is where I either pinch myself or wonder when I'll wake up.
Everything I publish on YouTube and my Patreon site is free for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to become a Patreon to view my videos. Contributing to Patreon is totally up to you, not required by any means. Which is a big reason why I like it.

Why I’m On Patreon

Making videos about life's journey is so exciting, but I’m having to make the decision to either pay for video and audio production costs, or pay for my next tuition bill along with a case of ramen noodles. From cameras and editing equipment, web development and email services, the expenses pile up. It’s a common misnomer that I’m asking without reciprocity or that I’m living a life without consequence. If that were the case, I would be writing to you here on Patreon. 

Hard Choices

Meadowlark is my passion, dream, and life’s work wrapped into one. Keeping it alive means everything and I consider it a full time job. But not too long ago, I took a good look at my numbers. It’s just not sustainable as is.

I want to take Meadowlark out of the "pet project" domain and into the professional "full time" stratosphere. I’m inspired to see it take off and help others explore new landscapes, find the world's sacred sites, and acquire the hard to learn bits of local knowledge. I see a couple of ways to make this happen.

  • The Preferred Way - With your help, I can continue to focus on real, heartfelt experiences and great recommendations.
  • The Other Way - I inundate my site and videos with ads, peddling and promoting things that are irrelevant to the experience and create videos that are paid endorsements or done for a sponsor. This is totally not what I hope happens and I don’t believe you’d like to envision this way either.

What I like about Patreon

Patreon provides the ultimate chance for me to make goals together and give rewards to those that feel compelled to help us reach those aspirations. It becomes about sharing, dialog, learning, discovering what’s possible as a community. It’s as social as can be, connecting us, bringing us into contact with the important stuff, like our basic humanity and spiritual life. It’s way more than a passive ‘donate.’ You are actually part of the production team, part of the journey.

I believe Patreon is the best platform to support creative artists and become a member of the process of producing all the content we love. This is my first goal with some awesome rewards. Once you become a Patreon, you’ll get access to all the behind the scenes action. I’d like all your input to help me know what lies on the horizon.

The final thing I’d like to address is that I’m not asking for a handout. By gosh, you found me because we both love the same things. I’m not asking for anyone to pay for my lifestyle, or my fantasies—nothing to do with this. This is about going on journeys together as a community, creating something memorable and sharing it with the universe.

I’m saying, if you find what I’m creating inspiring, or it has brought you to a new place, and you’d like it to continue, I’d be overjoyed and super thankful, and grateful to work along side you.

It’s good to note: Pledges are per video

  • You can set your max monthly amount in the event I go on overdrive uploading videos
  • I try my best to release 4 videos & posts per month (one per week)
  • I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you’re supporting what I do (or even think of me)

Sending Aloha to you from Honolulu. From the way bottom of my heart, I say: Mahalo (thank you)!
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Let’s get the crew juiced up with some updated equipment. There will be nothing better than grabbing that 4K shot in a remote place only the locals would know, picking up the unbelievable sounds of nature’s heartbeat, and editing it on superior quality computer hardware. Let’s make it happen together!

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