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Music can relate the most detailed fictions -- or it can immerse you in a series of intimate experiences that feel as if you were sharing the same senses and beating heart as the artist. But there is a middle ground where storytelling, intimacy and emotion collide which only the most particularly attuned musicians can ever approach. For New York-born singer-songwriter Scott Forbes, this opaque landscape of personal intention and motivation has become second nature in the construction of his own musical ideologies. His gently swaying rurality is underscored by a potent emotional foundation, the kind of fierce acoustic swagger that rises from the depths of several primordial blues and country histories.

Forbes began writing lyrics for the first time when he was 15, penning a song that would eventually be recorded by another artist out of Buffalo, New York. In 1996, on the strength of his work, he garnered the Chautauqua County Vocal Scholarship for Voice. After an unsuccessful run with a band in Western New York, he moved to Saint Cloud, Florida in 1999 and quickly started attending local open mic nights with just his acoustic guitar and a handful of original songs. These songs, filled with Forbes’ own brew of inclusive lyrics and unique acoustic arrangements would soon lead to him becoming known for his inimitable performance style, a mix of honest revelation and hard-won insight which he poured into every inch of his music.

He is a storyteller, but, unlike so many other musicians, these aren’t stories with mindless destinations or indistinctive philosophies – he meticulously examines every moment in order to elicit a truthfulness and plainspoken wisdom that’s come to him through hard times, heartache and happiness. He is renewed through his songs, letting all aspects of his life and loves echo in their gently composed passages. This is especially true given that Forbes was once driven to allow alcohol to dictate his direction, but music pulled him out of that path, giving him purpose and a renewed sense of his own creativity. He kept performing almost nightly while raising a family and working fulltime, eventually having to walk away from music in 2005.

But that call brought him back in 2012, when the need to create drove him to begin performing and writing again. The desire to live through music is a powerful motivator. Returning to the raw and unpolished singer-songwriter sounds he’d worked on for years, Forbes discovered a new appreciation for the ways in which his mind adapted physical experience into bare sonic reverberations. He refined and reshaped his approach to his country and folk inclinations, finding new ways to dig deeper into these aesthetics without sacrificing the confidence that fueled his initial musical movements. Balanced between the joy and weariness inside his voice and the creak and shake of his guitar is the sound of a man transformed by the undiluted energy of music and its rehabilitative powers.

In September of 2014, he released “12,” his official debut EP, and it harnessed both the timelessness and modernity of his work. Across 5 songs, he explored ideas of personal struggle, love, the lure of the road and how to make the most of every day. And for many artists, truths like these are often lost in burdened influences, but Forbes effortlessly shakes that weight and produces a sound that’s painfully specific and universal in equal measure. “12” was a “band” release, with backing from a handful of musicians who helped to shape the country rock and Americana tendencies that have thread themselves throughout the entirety of his persuasive inspirations.

Early in 2016, Forbes moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee and began work on establishing himself as a force in the local music scene, lending his voice to open mic opportunities and continuing to write and distill the ways in which he harnesses the spark of rhythmic spontaneity that has served him so well over the years. He is currently working on a new EP which is due out in September of 2018 and finds him further experimenting with the bucolic melodies and cathedral emotional presence which have haunted him since he first picked up a guitar. Through his heartfelt stories and the twang of his acoustic guitar, Forbes reveals a profundity which is all too often lacking in these sounds. Comforting yet also challenging in their perspectives, his songs let loose a torrent of spirited emotion and rhythmic introspection.
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