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About Scott Gordon

Why, hello!My name is Scott Gordon, and since late 2011, I've been writing and publishing children's books for my autistic son Aidyn. I also write fantasy, horror, science fiction, and most importantly, humor. Help me turn this part time passion into a full time profession.

What Your Pledge Supports

Project #1: Keep Children Healthy and Safe! (FREE)

Your pledge helps support projects like Alphabet All-Stars: Be Safe This Halloween for children of all ages and nationalities. I put together Be Safe This Halloween in hopes that it might help trick-or-treaters stay safe when Halloween rolls around each year. Rather than make money off it, I'd prefer to raise awareness.

Alphabet All-Stars: Be Safe This Halloween is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian and Russian.

Project #2: More English Language Books!!! ($5 Tier)

Secret Agent Disco Dancer is my favorite series by far. As long as there are readers who enjoy these stories, I'll keep producing them. Pledging your support ensures that new adventures appear in the not-so-distant future.

The stories I've added thus far include:  Burger BluesBurger Blues Side StoryChicken George, Santa's Super Helpers, Soccer StarWas It The Lobster Bisque, Double Agent OrangegroveGreen Eggs and a Side of Earnest Bacon, The Nightmare Pizza Before ChristmasThe Last Ding Dong on Earth, Did Somebody Say PizzaFrosted FlakeTaco Tuesday, The Zombies Ate My Pizza, Was It The Tira Misu and You Don't Know Jack. The first 8 episodes have been bundled in Greatest Hits Vol. 1. A comprehensive collection of every single story is also available in Grand Slam. (There's also a cover reveal for Mind Craft.)

My vampire thriller Enura is also in development. Check out Episode 1: Scourge. The first chapter from Episode 2: Hunter is also available.

Also check out sneak peeks of various works in progress.

More Books in English: A Little Book About YouA Pocketful of Dinosaurs, Adorable Dogs: Beagles, Adorable Dogs: BulldogsAdorable Dogs: Jack Russell Terriers, Adorable Dogs: Labradors, Adorable Dogs: PoodlesAdorable Dogs: PugsAdorable Dogs Collection Vol. 1, Alphabet All-Stars, Alphabet All-Stars Academy Vol. 1Alphabet All-Stars Academy Vol. 2, Alphabet All-Stars Academy Vol. 3, Alphabet All-Stars Animal Pack Vol. 1Alphabet All-Stars Academy Year One, Alphabet All-Stars: Animal EditionAlphabet All-Stars: Animal FlashcardsAlphabet All-Stars: Be Safe This Halloween, Alphabet All-Stars FlashcardsAlphabet All-Stars: Clever Cards, Alphabet All-Stars: Colorful Cards, Alphabet All-Stars: Funny FlashcardsAlphabet All-Stars: Guess The Letter, Alphabet All-Stars: More Animals, Alphabet All-Stars: Silly AnimalsAlphabet All-Stars Spooktacular, Alphabet All-Stars: Theme Park, Alphabet All-Stars: Trivia TimeAlphabet All-Stars: Where Does Panda Fit In?Aveline, Baby Blue, Bedtime Story 2-PackBrainy Bird: Exercise MasterBug: The Cruel Journey That Never Was, Bug: The Journey, Bug: The Journey ForwardDo Felines Dream of Flying Fish, Eggtastic, Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-5 Vol. 1Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories Vol. 2, Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-5 Vol. 3, Four Fantastic Surprise Endings for Children 3-5, Froggy Dearest, HappyHappy Healthy HeartsHappy New Year, I Dream of You, If I Were A Robot, Inspirational 2-PackKitty's Milk, Little Chickadee, Mega Collection Vol. 1Mega Collection Vol. 2, My Crazy Pet FrogMy Crazy Pet Frog: A NoveletteMy Crazy Pet Frog: I Gave My Pizza A Spanking, My Daddy's Cool Car CollectionMy Little Pet Dragon, Ninja Robot RepairmenPigtastic, Pigtastic Pig and the Golden Egg, Scaredy-MonsterTaming Your Pet Monster: An Operational Guide, The Forgetful Alien, The Most Beautiful FlowerThe Most Wonderful Day, The Penguin WayThere's a Monster in the Fridge, Who Wants to be a Robot.

Writing as Dingleberry SmallBully vs. Fart: The Early DazeBully vs. Fart 2: Fart WeddingBully vs. Fart 3: Liquid Menace, Max UnderpantsMi Robot Se Tira Pedos, My Robot Farts, My Robot Farts 2, My Robot Farts 3 (Preview).

Project #3: Translated Works ($10 Tier)

Help bring these fun children's books to new cultures! Here's a list of what I've accomplished thus far (with more to come):

Books in Dutch: Alphabet All-Stars: Doe voorzichtig deze HalloweenAls Ik Een Robot Zou ZijnAveline, BigtastischBlij ZijnDit is hoe Penguïn dat doet, Een Klein Boekje dat gaat over JouEitastischInspirerend DubbelverhaalKatjes Melk, Kikkerlief, Klein KuikenMax Onderbroek, Mijn Gekke Knuffelkikker, Mijn Kleine HuisdraakMijn Vader’s Coole Autocollectie, Snuggere Vogel de Sportleraar, Tweedelig Verhaal Voor Het Slapen Gaan, Vier Fantastische Verhaaltjes Voor Het Slapen Gaan Voor Kinderen Van 3-5.
Books in Finnish: Hullunkurinen lemmikkisammakkoni.
Books in FrenchAdorables Chiens : Les Carlins, Aveline, Bébé BleuDes Cœurs Sains et Heureux, Froggie Chérie, HeureuxHistoires avant d'aller au lit, ensemble de 2Histoires inspirantes, ensenble de 2, L'Alphabet des Étoiles : Reste en sécurité à l'HalloweenMa Folle Grenouille de Compagnie, Mon Petit Dragon de Compagnie, Oiseau Brainy: Maître d'Exercice, PorctastiqueLa Façon Pingouin, Quatre histoires fantastiques pour endormir les enfants de 3-6 ansSi j'étais un robot, Un Petit Livre sur Toi.
Books in German: Alphabet All-Stars: Sei sicher an diesem Halloween, Baby BlauDer Pinguin WegEin kleines Buch über dich, Inspirierend Zwei Pack, Mein Verrückter Lieblingsfrosch, Schweintastisch.
Books in Indonesian: Bunga Yang TerindahCara Si Pinguin, Naga Kecil PeliharaankuSebuah Buku Kecil Tentang Mu, Senang, Seri Buku Si Ahli Abjad : Taman Hiburan.
Books in Italian: All-Star dell’Alfabeto: Flashcard di Animali, All-Star dell'Alfabeto: Il Luna Park, All-Star dell'Alfabeto: Stai Al Sicuro Questo HalloweenAveline, Baby Blu, Che Vuole Essere un RobotCagnolini Adorabili: I BarbonciniCagnolini Adorabili: I Beagle, Cagnolini Adorabili: I Bulldog, Cagnolini Adorabili: I CarliniCagnolini Adorabili: I Jack Russell Terrier, Cagnolini Adorabili: I LabradorContiamo Tutte le Creature: Edizione Marina, Fantastiche Uova, FeliceI Miei Meccanici Sono Dei Robot Ninja, Il Fiore Più BelloIl Latte del Gattino, Il Metodo dei Pinguini, Il Mio Piccolo Drago DomesticoLa Fantastica Collezione di Macchine di Mio Papà, La Mia Matta Rana Domestica, L’Uccello Cervello: Maestro di Ginnastica, Maialfantastico, Maialfantastico e l’Uovo DoratoMax Mutande, Mio Caro RanocchioMostro Fifone, Piccole CincieQuattro Fantastici Finali a Sorpresa per Bambini dai 3 ai 5 Anni, Quattro Fantastiche Storie della Buonanotte per Bambini di 3-5 anniRaccolta Cagnolini Adorabili Vol. 1Se Fossi Un Robot, Storia della Buonanotte Confezione da 2, Un Piccolo Libro che parla di Te.
Books in NorwegianAlfabet Stjernene: FornøyelsesparkAlfabet Stjerner: Kort Med Dyr, Alfabet Stjernene: Vær forsiktig på HalloweenAveline, Baby BlåBedårende Hunder: Beagle, Bedårende Hunder: BulldogBedårende Hunder: Jack Russell Terriere, Bedårende Hunder: Labradorer, Bedårende Hunder: MopsBedårende Hunder: Pudler, Bedårende Hundesamlinger Nr. 1, Eggtastisk, En Liten Bok om Deg, En Lomme Full av DinosaurerEn veiledning i det å tamme kjæledyrsmonstreEt Lettskremt Monster, Fire Fantastiske Kvelds Historier Nr. 3Fire Fantastiske Leggetid Historier for Barn 3-5, Fire Fantastiske Overraskende Avslutninger for Barn 3 til 5, God Natt Historier 2-Pakning, GrisastiskGristastisk Gris og det Gylne Egget, Hjerne fugl: TreningsmesterHvem har lyst til å bli en robot?Insekt: Et Eventyr, Inspirerende 2-pakning, Kjæreste Frosky, Lille KyllingLykkeligMegasamling Nr. 1Megasamling Nr. 2, Min Gale Kjæledyr FroskMin Gale Kjæledyr Frosk: Jeg ga pizzaen min juling, Min Lille DrageMin Pappas Tøffe BilsamlingMuntre Sunne Hjerter, Ninja Robot ReparatørerOm Jeg Var en RobotPingvinmåtenPus sin MelkSmåkryp: Reisen Fortsetter, Tell Dyrene: Havbunnsversjon.
Books in Portuguese: Alphabet All-Stars: Festeje Este Dia Das Bruxas Com SegurançaFelizMeu Dragãozinho de Estimação, Meu Sapo Louco de EstimaçãoO Jeito do PinguimOvotástico, Pacote de 2 Inspiracional, Pacote Duplo de Histórias para Adormecer, PorcotásticoQuatro Fantásticas Histórias para Adormecer para Crianças dos 3-5Quem Quer Ser Um Robô, Queridérrimo Sapinho, Um Livrinho Sobre Você.
Books in Romanian: Alfabet Toate Stelele: Fii în siguranță acest HalloweenMicul Meu Broscoi, Micul Meu Dragon, O Colecţie De Douǎ Poveşti De Culcare.
Books in Russian: Звездный алфавит: Будьте осторожны на ХэллоуинДве вдохновляющие книги, СуперСвинМаленькая книга о тебе, Мой сумасшедший домашний лягушонокПо-пингвиньи, Четыре фантастические сказки на ночь для детей от 3 до 5.
Books in SpanishA Contar Animales: Edición Mar Profundo, Adorables Perros: Los Beagles, Adorables Perros: Los BulldogsAdorables Perros: Los CanichesAdorables Perros: los Jack Russell Terrier, Adorables Perros: Los Labradores, Adorables Perros: Los PugsAdorables Perros Recopilación Vol. 1, Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: Aprietos con Papas FritasAgente Secreto Disco Dancer: Aprietos con Papas Fritas - Las Papas Parlantes, Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: Doble Agente NaranjalAgente Secreto Disco Dancer: Estrella de Fútbol, Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: ¿Fue la sopa de langosta?, Agente Secreto Disco Dancer: Huevos Verdes con PancetaAveline, CerdifantásticoCorazones Sanos y Felices, Cuatro Historias Fantásticas Para Niños 3-5Cuatro Fantásticas Historias para Ir a Dormir Vol. 3Cuatro Fantásticos Finales Sorpresivos para Niños de 3 a 5, Domando a tu Monstruo Mascota: Una Guía de Operaciones, Dos Cuentos Antes de DormirEl Camino del Pingüino, El Cerdo Cerdifantástico y el Huevo de OroEl Pequeño PollitoEl Romance de FroggyEl Viaje de Maddy, Estrellas del Alfabeto: Tarjetas de AnimalesEstrellas del Alfabeto: Parque Temático Estrellas del Alfabeto: ¡Noche de Brujas Segura!Feliz, Huevi-GenialInspirador Pack Doble, La Colección de Autos Geniales de Mi Papá, La Flor Más HermosaLa Leche del GatitoMaddy Sigue Adelante, Max CalzonesMega Colección Vol. 1, Mega Colección Vol. 2, Mi Bebé, Mi Loca Rana Mascota: Le Di Una Tunda A Mi PizzaMi Mascota Alocada La Rana, Mi Mascota El DragoncitoMonstruo Asustadizo, My Little Pet Dragon: Special Bilingual Edition, Pájaro Genio: Maestro de Ejercicios, Quién Quiere Ser Un Robot, Si Yo Fuera Un RobotTécnicos Ninja RobotsUn Bolsillo Lleno de Dinosaurios, Un Pequeño Libro Sobre Ti.
Books in SwedishGodnattsagor 2-Pack, Min Lilla Drake som Husdjur, Mitt Galna Husdjur Till Groda.

Writing as S.E. GordonEnura – Episode 1: Scourge, Enura - Episode 2: Hunter (Preview), La Corriente Inferior - Episodio #1: Jane Doe.
Writing as Carpe Diem: Enjoy YourselfKeep It Going, This Small Success, Unleash Thyself, You Must Have Passion.

NOTE: Unfortunately Amazon doesn't accept books written in Indonesian, Romanian, Finnish and Russian (among others). Since a few of my titles have been translated into these languages, I've decided to make them available here.
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At $250/month, I'll write an additional children's book exclusively for Patreon.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 311 exclusive posts

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