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We're so excited to have you be part of this crazy family experience! and can't wait bring you in on what's been going on behind the scenes.
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About Scotty D

WELCOME!!! We're so happy that you clicked to learn more about us! We’re a crazy, fun, positive family! But chances are you’re here because you already know that from our videos... Just in case...we made the video above to give you a condensed version of who we are and what adventures that you can look forward to.

This year we have finally evolved our channel to what makes us happy - OUR FAMILY! We’re literally going to capture all we can and you're invited to get a glimpse in to what family is all about! It's the small things that truly matter. The shift on the channel is 100% of our storytelling efforts, us being - well... US! But we can't do it alone.

Everything we publish on YouTube and our website is free for everyone to enjoy. You don't have to become a Patreon to view our videos. Contributing on Patreon is a choice, not a requirement. Which is one of many reasons we like it.

Why We’re On Patreon

There are all kinds of expenses that go into our video productions. From the cameras and editing equipment and more, everything adds up. We make a small amount from ads on YouTube but it's not enough to cover the expense of keeping it all up. In fact, we know you hate commercial advertisements on YouTube and we do to! Install an ad blocker because the .2 cents per view isn't worth it to us! Not to mention all of the other unpredictable changes that YouTube is implementing and imposing on channel creators like us.  However, you in our community are SO IMPORTANT. It's a common misunderstanding that YouTubers with ads make tons of money or everything shown in videos is free from sponsors. If that were the case, we wouldn't be here on Patreon.

We've Reached an passion path of decission...

Our family is our love, our passion - sharing that with you in videos is a way that we can capture and document precious moments that we can enjoy as a family and you can also enjoy as well. We love it but it's not sustainable by YouTube ads alone... in fact, if we can accomplish some of our goals, we can eliminate paid YouTube Adsense on our channel 100% - THAT'S A PROMISE!

We want to make bringing our family to you in videos a full time reality. We want to watch our community and our channel grow and help others to take on their dreams with inspiring them to embrace their families in ways they may never have thought about. We see two ways of making this a reality.

  • The Preferred Way - With your help we continue to focus on real, personal family friendly, fun and entertaining experiences and authentic recommendations.
  • The "Other" Way - We load up our YouTube channel with ads, shamelessly promote products and make videos that are paid endorsements or sponsored (You know... like the BAZILLIONS OF OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS THAT DO THIS!). This isn't what we want and we don't think you want to see this either.
We have countless suggestions that Patreon would be a much better platform to help support the channel instead of YouTube ads. After much deliberation and research…we totally agree!

What we like about Patreon
It provides an opportunity for us to set goals together and provide rewards (that will forever evolve with the channel) to those that want to help us achieve these goals. It becomes a collaboration, a conversation, a community and something way more interactive than a simple donate button! You literally become part of our journey.

We feel Patreon is the perfect platform to support creative families and become a part of the process itself. We've set a few simple goals and rewards already. Once you become a Patreon, you'll get access to what's going on behind the scenes. We want you to join in on the conversation to help us figure out what's next.

The last thing we feel like we have to mention is we're not asking for a handout. You're here by your own free will and that's what makes it awesome. We're not asking for anyone to pay for our lifestyle, our adventures, or anything like that. This is about building a sustainable community, creating something meaningful and sharing it with the world.

We're saying, if you find what we create helpful, fun, entertaining or inspirational, and you want to keep it going, we'd be thrilled and oh so thankful to have you on our inner circle as a Patron helper.

It's good to note: Pledges are per video
  • You can set your max monthly amount in case we go on a video upload spree!
  • We try very hard to release 1 videos & posts per week (52 videos per year).
  • You are AMAZING for taking the time to help what we do (or even consider it)
Want to hear something crazy? If only 5% of our subscribers pledged $2 we could go big time and take everything to the next level! 
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Just $500 per month! If this goal is reached, We will be able to upgrade and maintain network, camera and audio gear regularly bringing better quality to the overall channel experience. As new equipment is installed and implemented, the older gear will be removed.  As a Patron, you will be invited to PRIVATE auctions for the gear being removed which you can bid on and own for yourself a piece of Scotty D Memorabilia.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts