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Hey, everyone!
If you participate in the life of SCP Foundation, be you an avid reader or a passionate contributor, you may have heard of, or even used, one of my tools.
I'm the guy who created statistics database ScpperDB and Scpper Chrome Extension which is powered by the former website. These tools aim to improve browsing experience for SCP fans and offer a better way to navigate SCP wiki and discover interesting pages, articles and authors.
Development of these tools is my hobby and I would never ask money for it. However there are some associated costs, such as hosting and domain name registration fee, which now come out of my pocket. After putting much work into these projects and seeing a lot of gratitude from people who use them I am not going to abandon them for such a petty reason as hosting money, unless my financial situation changes drastically.
Yet, these fees add up and I would be extremely grateful to you for helping me and all the people who use my software. If you have a couple of bucks and feel like spending them to help me pay for hosting, you're awesome! If not, hey, no worries, you're still cool. Hope you enjoy scpper. =)

If you have any questions, contact me at my e-mail or PM at FiftyNine on
Code for both of my tools is avaiable on my GitHub.

Alexander "FiftyNine" Krivopalov
$15 - reached! per month
Monthly hosting and domain registration fees.
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