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About Screener Things

What is Patreon? What is SC?

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With my Channel Screener things, my Goal is to make videos and make the audiences understand the Nuances of Storytelling.

Apart from the Basic Structure and Character fabrication in a movie, I would examine the different perspectives under which a particular scene or plot is being framed. I support my perspectives through the linguistic devices, gestures and threaded Philosophy. This would help me dig the plethora of themes and concepts in which the storyteller wishes to convey.

There are a large array of films that need to be examined, with each one holding a unique message as a treasure. I would love to dig each treasure through videos and I want you to help me make it.

How often do you post a video?

It takes me at least three weeks or at least a month to make a video lesson.
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You could support me like - pledge three dollars per video, and you'll get access to my written drafts and audio commentary,  you’ll be charged three dollars at the end of the month. Pledge me forty dollars and you will get a neologistic T-shirt every two months.

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I am a part-time movie bug...will improve my work on each video. 
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