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▽ me ▽
I'm a comic creator, illustrator and mix media artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Normally I'm focused on industrial/sci-fi and the beauty of decay through visual narratives. I've just recently got myself a small studio to help me formalize and focus on my artworks. With your patronage I will be able to dedicate more of my time to producing comics, illustrations and some more unusual works that up till now I haven't had the facilities to make. Link to my blog/website below.

▽ current projects ▽
Currently I'm working on a series of illustrations inspired from a sketch series I made a couple of years ago I call, The Black Hole Series. Built off a narrative set in a desolate wasteland, featuring a single massive city that reaches into the sky, filled with the decay of society and the explosion from far above I will explore the cults, desperate souls, industrial urban structure and the melancholy found in post-destruction. 
The series features large format, banner style designs to be accompanied by short comics. Digital formats of the comic work to be integrated with animated panels and hopefully augmented reality.

c[dot]refract [photography] - This project is a means for myself to explore colour and the way of which colour interacts. With my subjects, I discuss with them elements of their person to come up with a “hyper-realization” of themselves. After the initial black and white profile photo as a presentation of their everyday self, we then develop and shoot images using only coloured lighting. The goal is to produce a production process from each shoot, The standard, the uncontrolled document and the final hyper real. This is an ongoing project and new shoots will be posted as they develop.
▽ future plans ▽
As is with many creatives, I have plans pouring out of drawers desperately seeking to be made. I have plans for several comic projects ranging from shorts to long ongoing web series formats. I also want to experiment with bridging between illustration and sculpture. With your help I hope to bring my ambitions to life.
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Reaching a goal of $3000 per month will help me keep control of my finances and enable to to put more focus on my artworks.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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