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Welcome to the squad! This nets you my eternal gratitude, and access to my patron-only news feed, where I'll post about upcoming videos, brainstorming ideas, and all sorts of other behind the scenes goodies you won't see me posting about elsewhere. That also means you can be a part of the process, voicing your opinions and requests!
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This is the Elite Reward Tier, which will get you a special shout out at the end of my featured videos, which includes my in-depth analysis videos and things of that nature. Since I'm already doing upwards of five videos a week, I'm not ready to commit to doing a special video for a reward because I honestly don't know if I will have the time, but it's on the table and the rewards are subject to change.




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About Scribe Senpai

If you're reading this, I'm thankful that you bothered meandering to this corner of the internet for my sake, whether you see any value in becoming a Patron of mine or not. I will shoot straight with you, and pull no punches. I'm a twenty-five year old writer turned YouTuber with a passion for anime and gaming. I grew up on Toonami and Gamepro Magazine, writing bad fanfiction and dabbling in theater and film. I have spent years trying to find how best to put it all together and hit the sweet spot where passion, creativity, and success intersect. 

So I found my way to YouTube, and I'm still finding my way with each video I produce. I love to make people laugh, think, and feel. As the channel and community grows, I want to dedicate more time to creating even more content, and creating it more effectively. Patreon isn't for my casual viewers, and the truth is, I'm going to keep grinding regardless of whether or not I'm getting $0 or $100 a month here. 

This is for the fans of my work who feel compelled to support me and my journey to spread the passion and creativity that I share on my channel. This is for those who want to see me not only succeed, but thrive. If that's you, then you'll become an integral part of my YouTube journey, and you'll have my sincere gratitude. If this isn't for you, then that's okay too! Again, I'm grateful you took the time to read this in the first place!
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Though ANY amount makes a difference, $100 a month allows me to create more content, more often, while also adding variety! This means potential for new gameplay related content (JRPGs, Anime titles, etc.) that I couldn't otherwise afford to create, be it through YouTube or Twitch streams.

Or it could mean I get to do an unboxing video of a new box set release, get some new artwork done for the channel, bring on a regular artist for original content, and much more. Not to mention hardware upgrades, and various other things that will allow me to create the content you love more effectively.
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