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Scrimshaw Carver is the embodiment of two concepts:
1. Worlds are built and destroyed through music and should be more indicative of such.
2. Silence is a void to be filled with noise.


An experimental music project created in 2015 but worked toward since 2007, Scrimshaw Carver has released three albums and begun work on spinning the lore around the world of the Carver - A mysterious entity that seems to control a violent, sentient maelstrom known only to its cultlike followers and dwindling enemies as The Storm.

While the story may not seem apparent through the roiling and rhythmtic sounds that compose some tracks on the album, much of the lore can be gleaned from certain pieces of information on connected websites such as Bandcamp and Twitter. Additionally, many pieces of visual art are created for this project as a tie-in that, while they might not be fully connected to the stories at hand, are crucial to the emotional and artistic impact of the whole. All of these tales of the Carver will never be told in full, so it's up to the listeners and lorehunters invested in the world to come to their own conclusions about the story, the narrator, and everything in between, leading to a subtle but constant basis of interactivity that harkens back to the ARG craze of yesteryear.


All of the albums are available through the Scrimshaw Carver Bandcamp for free, though fans can donate money during a purchase if they so choose. I hold a firm belief that art should be free to those who wish to experience it, no matter what medium it is presented within. This Patreon is not a means to eke any money out of the project, but is more of a way to promote awareness of what Scrimshaw Carver is and allow dedicated fans to immerse themselves just a little bit deeper in the world that I am creating.

I'd like to take this time to personally thank my fans for listening to my music as it and the story surrounding it both evolve. To those of you who have never heard my music or seen the art - Welcome.

Thank you!
- Isiah
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