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By pledging at least five dollars, you'll get:

- early access to anything I post on my Patreon page.

- early access to my commissions when they open

- wips of any current pieces im working on

- a big, virtual hug!

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By pledging at least ten dollars, you'll get:

- a custom sketch once a month

- above listed rewards

mega scrub
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By pledging at least twenty dollars, you'll get:

- one custom lined full or colored bust

- previews of any videos or art i may be working on

- above listed rewards




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My name is Oakley and I write, draw, and plan on making some sick as hell animations! If you end up pledging to me, I am absolutely grateful for your money; most of the money earned from here will go to eventually support me as an independent artist, seeing as I work a full job, at the moment. Thank you for supporting me!

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