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About Scuba Diver Life

We have been living the Scuba Diver Life, traveling around the world, writing stories, shooting photo galleries and making dazzling videos for all our amazing fans around the world. All of this comes at a cost — a very high cost, in fact. Scuba diving around the world isn't as carefree as many may think.

We are turning to our amazing community of divers to help support the Scuba Diver Life so that we can continue to grow and create even better videos, showcasing crazy-cool dive adventures from around the world.

On top of that, we want to start focusing on more ocean conservation stories. With our audience, we feel that we can really help showcase ocean issues around the world through videos and social media to help educate EVERYONE about how fragile our oceans are right now. No ocean, No humans.

Expect exclusive monthly videos, including clips from the cutting-room floor, studio antics, and our constant vocal flubbing. Nobody's perfect, especially us.

Here are some examples of our video content: 

Diving Alor, Indonesia:

Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia from Scuba Diver Life on Vimeo.

Cephalopod Mix Up:

Discovering Dominica: 

Swimming with Humpbacks in Tonga:
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