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About MK

Hello there! I'm MK, an indie comics creator with a graduate degree in conflict resolution! I use my background to tell dynamic stories about conflict, justice, personal narrative, and the power of choice.

My current BIG projects are: Sea Legs (published August 2017); Game Night (a Patreon exclusive comic published December 2018 for $12+ pledges); and Wal and Bun (an Instragram webcomic series published September 2019).

Visit my portfolio site to see other artwork and blog posts.

What the heck is Sea Legs?

Sea Legs is an adventure fantasy comic that combines science, environmental activism, and the supernatural in one glorious package. The story revolves around one scientist's goal of saving the world and finding that some myths and legends are not only true, but will do whatever it takes to keep their presence a secret.

Oh, and a Victorian Era murder mystery, because who doesn't love those.

**Trigger warnings/mature themes include:
strong language, slight nudity and suggestive content,
violence, and drug use**

Sea Legs updates weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays (currently publishing weekly on Fridays). On the first of the month, I feature a sea creature with an infocard.

What about Game Night?

Game Night is a slice-of-life queer romance featuring a tabletop gaming group of friends at university. Together, they'll tackle a series of situations and experiences revolving around identity, romance, self-image, and surviving Nat 1 rolls.

**Trigger warnings/mature themes include:
moderate language and suggestive content**

Game Night publishes weekly on Wednesdays. Patrons at $1+ are able to view GN comic thumbnails.

Why am I on Patreon?
With your patronage, I will be able to devote more time and energy to the comics, and not take on as many freelance commission work. In addition to reading my comics, you will get to see behind-the-scenes content and mini comics, livestreams, tutorials, stories, Q&A sessions, and fabulous, fabulous rewards all in one place!

$162 of $250 per month
This is our first goal!

This goal unlocks NSFW content and monthly private livedraws for $12+ patrons, where you'll be able to see "after hours" images in action, ask me potentially spoilery questions about Sea Legs and Game Night!

I will also be taking polls and requests for the public livedraws beyond the monthly illustrations (such as working through art tutorials for everyone to enjoy).
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