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I've been an independent, performing songwriter for 20 years.  My homemade recordings and live stream performances are enjoyed by the small but passionate audience I have garnered but anyone who has seen and heard me perform live in person will tell you that my forte is live performance.  My goal is to reach as many listeners as possible by playing open mics, gigs, contests, living rooms, parks and street corners all over North America.  It takes time to develop relationships with venues and it's easier to land a gig if I am visibly active on the road blowing away new faces every day. I want to have the time and money to perform at every well attended, available open mic event while collecting contacts and connecting the dots along the way. A little more than two years ago I brought a cold, full room of 20-somethings to their feet in Memphis at Java Cabana's open mic.  I want to do that everywhere and have the ability to follow up with the people I meet and return to the venues.  I don't want to be rich or famous, I just want a real chance at making a job for myself doing something that I am born to do.  I know that once I reach a certain momentum I'll generate more income on my own but I need your help to stay out there without going broke so we can make it beautiful and make it happen.

I would begin by purchasing a short run of physical CDs of my latest home-recording, Transparent.  Then, I'd make live performance videos of new songs and as well older ones that are favorites of longtime followers. Once I attain the proper budget I'll talk with friends of mine in the video production field and make proper music videos like "At Any Rate."  Who knows maybe we will raise enough to record that coveted full-length album in a state-of-the-art studio and press it on green vinyl!! I will be creative yet realistic with the rewards for the pledge levels.  

Thank you for reading.  Find out more about me and my work at
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Press 100 copies of the latest recording, Transparent. Generally CDs are a hard sell but there are still those of you who like the "real thing."  Plus, folks love it when I sign one for them when they are inspired to buy a CD after seeing me live.
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