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I am the author of The Knights Templar: The History & Myths of the Legendary Military Order, and two related 'sequels', The Cathars: The Rise & Fall of the Great Heresy and The Gnostics: The First Christian Heretics. I have also written on diseases and epidemicsalchemy, the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and new wave cinemas.

I am branching out into fiction, and am currently working on stories and a novel. These are all weird/gothic fiction. I hope to have at least a story or two out in 2019. I will also release drafts of stories here on Patreon for subscribers. My goal, with support of patrons, is to get a collection of stories published, and a gothic novel. I'm also toying with a contemporary novel, which might also turn into a series. 

My main project for the first half of 2019 is completing a PhD by practice in filmmaking, where I am making a film about the Scottish metaphysical fantasy author David Lindsay (1876-1945), known for his first novel A Voyage to Arcturus, whose centenary is nearly upon us. (More on David Lindsay can be found at Murray Ewing's excellent Lindsay site.) My film, tentatively titled A Vast Shadow House, features interviews with Alan Moore, Douglas A. Anderson, Gary K. Wolfe, Harold Bloom and J. B. Pick, among others. It will be the first film to explore Lindsay's work, including later novels such as Devil's Tor (1932) and The Witch (pub. 1976). I hope to release a few clips of this film here on Patreon. I am hoping to help organise a David Lindsay event or conference in Edinburgh in 2020, which will be the centenary of Lindsay's best known novel, A Voyage to Arcturus.

My other filmmaking activities revolve around a long-term documentary on Andrei Tarkovsky. We have just made a spin-off film called Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev: A Journey, which was released by Criterion in September 2018 on their BD/DVD of Andrei Rublev. This can be purchased direct from Criterion here.

At some point I may return to a very old project indeed, a documentary about H. P. Lovecraft. This was made many years ago, shown once, and then fell into the sort of dark abysses from whence Shoggoths emerge.... But money will be needed to digitise the footage, and maybe shoot some new interviews.

Some of my other film work is available to rent and buy at Vimeo.

I am putting together an author website at I have also just published my first pamphlet of poems, The Girl Who Got onto the Ferry in Citizen Kane. Ironically enough, it is published by Templar Poetry. The pamphlet is available here.

Speaking of the Knights Templar, I am thinking of doing a second book on the Order, and possibly a film also. Stay tuned for more info! It's going to be a busy year...

Any support would be gratefully received. And if you have any questions, please drop me a line!

Thanks for reading.

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