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About Sean McMahon

Some of you know me as the sensitive singer-songwriter behind Workman Song, or one of his mad scientist sub-personas like Ruben Smiley or Ion Zelig. Some of you may know me exclusively as the bumbling evangelist host of the Workman Song Show. Others might know me as the crazed half-naked frontman of Tidwell's Treasure. Maybe you might know me as the elder half of the dynamic duo Brothers McMahon. You also may know me from the faith communities I've been involved with over the years in Western Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard, and New York City. There are a number of places I have been drawn to in course of my artistic and religious projects. 

We've chatted after shows, you've e-mailed me, we've conversed about God and life and music in a cafe or at a bar, or we've never met and we've never spoken, but you've been watching, listening. You've seen what I do and have a sense of what I seek to share, accomplish.

I believe that a life of art is a sort of religious vocation or devotion, as such I've dedicated myself to this path with supreme focus. This life of art is first and foremost a harmony between two complementary things: my self-indulgent need to express myself and my immense gratitude toward you for choosing to be some sort of loving and supportive witness.

I try to produce as much as I can, at the highest possible caliber; I try to perform as often as I can and travel as far as I can to do so. In addition to this, I have lately been working towards giving a platform to the creativity of others. Would you be my supporter in these endeavors?

I have written and continue to write more songs than I can keep track of; I am constantly teaching myself new songs in traditions familiar and foreign; I am refining the craft of recording all of these explorations. My "blarney phone" is a mess of iNotes and Google Docs and e-mails-to-self containing scrawls, essays, poems, stories, nuggets, and one-liners ranging from deep theological reflection to crass comedy to pithy wit (witty pith).

Some of this you've seen published or performed already through my work with Workman Song, Tidwell's Treasure, and various guerrilla appearances (you may have seen me testing new material in character as Ruben Smiley, or seen some of my short story pamphlets hidden in your local newspapers, if I was in town).

Much, however, you have not seen or heard! I am always working, challenging myself, chasing after new horizons for expression, communication, and sharing. 

You who have come here to offer your generous gift, my dearest and strongest of supporters, I am incredibly grateful for your support.

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

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