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  I love fans! You want to see what’s in the work? Then sign up and get all the progress photos here!

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    Every little bit helps! That includes your ideas! I want to hear what you want to be painted! Then you can take a sneak peak into my studio to see how the “magic” works. 

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    I love connecting with other artists! This tier is specially designed for the creative minds! We can talk and work on improving both of our art!

· Everything in previous tiers (obviously)

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About Sean Nathan Ricks

Hello All you fantastically amazing patrons of the arts. My name is Sean Nathan Ricks, I'm a classically trained artist that paints in a wide variety of styles. Most recently I've been using my knowledge of Impressionism, and Abstract artistic styles to paint Fan Art. 

I'll be posting new art every week, My patrons will have the first crack at buying the limited edition prints. I'm keeping most of the originals for the comicon/fanCon convention circuit. 

I live in Logan, UT, beautiful snowy peaks surround our high alpine valley. I attend most of the close conventions and I hope to attend more conventions outside of the state next year.

I always love seeing my fans, and I love giving away freebies to my patrons.
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WOW, ok, so it's been a long time since I updated my creator page here on Patreon. Here is our new goal... I've begun painting Fan Art,.. but I've been giving it a classical artist twist by incorporating elements of Impressionism. 

My goal is to hit $150.00 per month. This will help me continue painting regularly by getting higher quality paints and brushes. I've got some great rewards listed for those who pledge thier support. 

Don't forget to take a look at my pledge rewards page as well. 

Find me on facebook and send me a friend request.
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