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About Sean Sikes

"Those Who Know When They Have Enough Are Rich!"

Life has offered me many jewels and precious memories that can never be taken away from me. One of those many jewels are the relationships that I have experienced that are true and have lasted over the years. The older I become, I have recognized the true value of sharing and allowing others to share with me. Music is a wonderful way to share and connect with others in a way that words sometimes fail us. I currently make a living by performing in the local area playing around 100 shows a year. I enjoy this mainly because I am constantly meeting new people at the venues and I truly enjoy watching everyone dance and have a good time. However, this has created a stronger desire in me to really connect with those that are wanting to connect with me on a deeper level. I would like to do this through the sharing and creating of original songs. Songs that I believe may strike a chord with others and create a change in their life. Music on a deeper level would be very satisfying to me and I am in search for others who feel the same. I dislike the word "FANS"...I chose to use the word "FRIENDS". So, I would like to ask you to join me as my new friend in a journey of exploration of ideas about life through music. A search for fame and fortune is not the path for me, but sharing music with you, I hope, will sustain the needs of me.
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The inspiration for writing songs, for me, is created by the desire to connect with others. In this, others see a reflection of themselves in me...which helps us all see that we are already truly connected in humanity. Goals are somewhat misleading to me..a particular number of patrons can not reflect the value I find in these connections, so if you find that my contributions to you as an artist brings value to your life, then I appreciate any offering you can give to allow this to continue. Thank you.
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