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Thank you! A single dollar makes a huge difference for a small channel like mine. If you'd like, you can now join my Discord server where you'll be given a special name color and rank!

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You are awesome!  With this donation, you can expect, if requested, a personal "thank you" in one of my videos! I'd be totally happy and excited to do so! I'll be able to buy more gear and other products that I might even make videos about in the future! If you are a member of my Discord Server, you will also now be given the "Tier 2" rank on discord, which changes your rank and color!

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This means so much! At this level, i'll be even closer to following my dreams of being a video editor. Thanks to you, I will be able to pay for the programs I use, and create better videos! This really shows how much you support my channel, and is extremely appreciated! If requested, I will link your username and channel in the description in one of my videos!  Also, like always, feel free to join my Discord Server, where you will be crowned "Tier 3", with a very nice yellow name color and the highest rank!

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About SeanThePro

Hey guys, my name is Sean and on my YouTube channel I usually upload a variety of content, but mostly personal vlogs, video games, etc. I have created this Patreon so supporters of my channel can easily contribute to helping me thoughout the year so I can produce more videos. Joining my Patreon will give you special access to patron-only content and rewards, many of which will be on Discord, so make sure to join my Discord server! . As a small channel, I don't make any money directly from YouTube as of now. Becoming a member will directly impact my focus on creating the highest quality of videos I can.
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With as few as 20 Patrons, I'd be able to afford much more equipment and computer programs to help me expand my content's potential. Not only that, but I'd probably stop nagging my mom to pay for something all the time :)
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