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About Seaslux

Hi! I'm Liz. I'm a trans, autistic pixel artist and I'm working on my first game, called Ekleipsis! I also like to design wacky monsters and create pixel art. Your support will help me to pay for necessities like rent and food so that I can hopefully stay afloat in the bad awful waters of capitalism.

Here's some examples of the stuff I do!

is a game about a girl named Karam who sets out into a dark, dying world in search of her missing sister. It's also a game about depression, mental illness, hardships, and recovery, based on some of my own experiences.
Ekleipsis is being made in RPG Maker MV and will have at least five unique zones to explore, and lots of weird monsters to fight along the way. The current plan is to sell it on once it's complete.
It's gonna be a long time before it's ready, but I'll be posting exclusive sneak peeks for patrons including screenshots, lore, and character designs!

Aside from the art I'm making for Ekleipsis, I also like to do some pixel art on the side every now and then! I've been spriting since I was 12, and I make art of my own original designs, along with some fan art too. You might even see some of my own designs in future projects...

Here's some examples of my work :)


----FAN ART----

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Character Bios
At $30 a month I'll make bios for some of the important characters who appear in Ekleipsis, with character art and some information about who they are.
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