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About Season of the Bitch

We’re just over here like,
“Brb y’all, we’re summoning up the kind of podcast we want to hear in this world.”

We appreciate and admire all of the radical women out that are already out there on the leftist podcast-o-sphere, making your voices heard. However, it’s still way too rare to hear a woman on a podcast, much less MORE than one woman. Our goal? Make a podcast that centers women.

"Season of the Bitch" airs every Friday. We have a feminist lens, but we also aim to make this a platform to talk about all of our varied perspectives on leftist and socialist politics in general. Our creators take turns hosting episodes on topics such as:
  • How capitalism relies on the oppression of women -- a discussion of the book Caliban and the Witch, Marxist feminism, intersectionality, and spirituality.
  • Rural organizing -- talking to our far-flung comrades about their projects, their unique challenges, and how we can bridge the divide between urban and non-urban efforts.
  • Being very online -- the pluses, potentials, and pitfalls that the online realm has brought to our movement. We talk about slacktivism, clicktivism, trolls, closed groups, bots, and more.
  • Jokes -- we're trying to figure out how to do memes on the radio. In the meantime, we have recurring comedy bits, generally ongoing tomfoolery, and lots of awkward laughs to share with you.

Help us with our costs so we can keep having these conversations! We take turns hosting and we are spread out all over the United States. Your donations have already helped us with:
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Pop filters
  • Editing costs
  • Our domain: 
  • Flying us all out to perform our first live show in Chicago
  • More live shows to come!

Thanks to all the comrades, witches, friends, family, socialists, communists, Berniecrats, M-Ls, M-L-Ms, M'n'Ms, homies, and h8rs who have made this show possible. We see and appreciate you all. 

Okay, love you, bye. Byeee! Love you!!! BYEEEEEE.

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