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I'm Brian and I write comics. For you! I'm the writer of an ongoing series called Stronghold ( and the creator/writer of upcoming indie sensation Andrew Jackson in Space. 

I love writing comics, and I would very much like to do it more. My goal is simple: $400 a month so I can take a day off work every week to devote to it. That covers roughly four full work days every month that I could lock myself in a room and come up with fun stories about people punching monsters and whatnot. Since I'm a full-time graduate student, any time I can take devote to making comics is precious, and since I know all of you totally want to read the strange things I pull out of my head on cue, I think we can make that happen together.

Supporters will have access to a special blog where I talk about comics and writing and stuff, and I dunno, maybe some special projects just for you lovely people.