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About Brandon Thepvongsa

Hello friends, and welcome to my Patreon page!

Well what is Patreon?
Patreon is this nifty little service that allows you to support your favorite creators! This is done in one of two ways: a recurring monthly donation, or donations by creation (such as a set of photos).

Patreon is also a way for content creators to give back to their supporters, if you back me you'll get access to never before posted photos, desktop and phone backgorunds, raw files, and better yet, warm fuzzy feelings specially dedicated from me to you <3

First, a little bit about me
My name is Brandon Thepvongsa and I'm a lifestyle and adventure photographer from the Pacific Northwest. I'm super grateful to live in this area as it gives me such easy access to the beautiful locations where I hike, camp and photograph! 

I've always had a small obsession with photography -- initially I started out using my mom's little Nikon D3100 in high school. During this time I made my money by doing small freelance web development and design jobs, giving me really early experience with Photoshop and all things computers.

But photography really took off for me when I moved up to Seattle for school. Moving here was always my dream, there's something so inspiring about this emerald city. 

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I recently went to Mexico on a family vacation and got a whole load of cool new pictures that I really want to edit and post!

Sadly, I seem to have lost my handy little SD card reader that allows me to transfer photos from my camera to my computer, so I'm looking to get a new one!

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