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About Sebastian Ang

Hi, my name is Sebastian Ang and I am deeply passionate about VR&AR! I am bringing you the latest and greatest in VR & AR, with a strong emphasis on in-depth and unbiased hardware video reviews!

My mission is to provide you with the most honest and objective reviews that you can find on the internet, for both hardware and software in VR & AR. To accomplish this goal, I have decided not to finance my channel through sponsored reviews, but instead through people like you who appreciate this kind of "no bullshit" content. (As you can tell, I am straight to the point!)

I want to help more people to get into VR&AR and therefore I want to be the place to go for people who want to learn about these exciting technologies. I want to provide an honest opinion of someone who is not bought out by corporations.

I deeply thank you, my fans and patrons, to allow me to stay independent and invite you on this exciting journey with me! Together we will experience one of the most exciting revolutions in tech until one fine day we will meet in the Oasis...   

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Once we reach $1000 I am going to rent a studio just dedicated to MRTV. I am currently operating out of our living-room and it is a VR warzone. It is not nice and I don't even have a proper green screen. Also, my Internet connection at home is flawed. So at the new place, I will get the fastest internet connection possible and will bring you awesome, professional steams! At $1000 you will feel a dramatic increase in the production values! Let's make it happen! 
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