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You will have my gratitude for supporting my work and will be helping support the creation of my drawings and comics :) 

The Spirit Bears
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I'll make sketches available from time to time, along with early releases of illustrations and comics at this tier. There will be some access to polls and things of that nature. You get a free sticker when you sign up.

The Crazy Bunnies
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Access to sketches, process drawings, behind the scenes, and early access to my comics (I will post them here first). I will also have sketch giveaway raffles available at this tier.  You also get a set of 4 free stickers when you sign-up.




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About Sebastien Millon

My name is Sebastien. I come from the land of baby ducks and was instructed in the art of magical duck ballet (it's a long story).

I create comics, illustrations, often of a whimsical nature; sometimes a bit more cute, sometimes more wry. My drawings often feature animals and creatures with various recurring characters. 

I'm just starting out the patreon so I'll be open to your input as to what kind of things you might want to see, and will be open to suggestions!!! I'll be providing various things including early access to drawings, various types of sketches, and commentary about my process and thoughts on the drawings.

One of my goals is to try attempting a longer narrative comic(s). I think it'd be a cool challenge, and if I can get financing through patreon it would help free up a bit of my time to explore and try some experiments with these type of longer projects! 

Thank you for supporting my work!

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At this level I'll be able to shift more of my time and effort into children's book projects and also creating a longer comic series. And I'll be able to create more patreon-exclusive drawings and giveaways. In regards to a comic series, I was thinking something with Hero Princess Bear and Cat Dragon would be very fun.
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