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Sketchbook Look
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Access to my sketchbook pages and some rough sketches.

I may end up compiling a lot of these sketchbook scans into pdfs each month as well

Sketchbook & Comics Sampler
per month

Access to my sketchbook pages and rough sketches.

Plus you'll get a digital PDF of the first issue of Gardener, along with each new issue as they come out.

You'll also get to read exclusive comics, either shorts or a continuing series that I'll be putting up only here on Patreon

News You Can Use
per month

Full access to sketchbook pages, along with behind the scenes & work in progress looks at any and all comics/illustrations I'm working on that month.

In addition, I'll send a random sketch or drawing to you quarterly, whether it be roughs of a comic page, an under-drawing of an illustration, or something else I haven't thought of yet.

Alsooooooo, you'll get early access to any comics I'm working on, inking videos, and a digital download as they come out, along with having access to the rest of my previously made comics.

Any physical goods other than sketches in this tier are sendable within the US only.




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About Matt Emmons

I'm Matt Emmons, or Second at Best if you found me through my social media. I'm a comic book writer, artist, and colorist currently with a lot of story ideas - but lacking the stability to create them all independently in between my freelance and day job.

The aim of this Patreon will be to allow me to afford to focus on producing and self publishing my own comics, primarily my ongoing series Gardener.
This would let me steer away from the freelance work I don't enjoy or want, and produce more of my own work.

This will also double as a space for me to share behind the scenes & in progress work, either as regular scans, and sometimes inking or drawing videos, as well as tiers for having custom original art made just for you - but that's not all!
I'm very much new to this, and so I'd absolutely love feedback for what people want to see more of, whether it's specifics of my process, live streams, or things I don't even know exist yet.
Really I'd like this to be a forum to get more in depth with everything related to my work.

I think that about covers it, so thanks in advance for reading through this, and for your support!
This will be a huge step in ensuring I can continue to build and share my own work with you all.

- Matt

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