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About Sector Alpha

We are developing a social gaming experience from the ground up. Hosting Game Servers, producing software and networking people.

My name is Cosmosquark. I am the founder of Sector Alpha and have been driving its progress and navigating the seas of social gaming since 2012.

Starting out as a hobby amongst a group of friends at university, we have successfully managed and maintained several game servers. Spawning out of this is a community that is active, engaging and growing on a daily basis. This mainly centres around our dedicated server SASHA, which we use to host our public game servers. Examples of which are our Minecraft, Teamspeak 3, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive servers.

To take things to the next level and to build on our success so far, your help would be very much appreciated. Our objectives are:

  • Develop a social gaming experience
  • Host multiple public game servers.
  • Release a website to support the social gaming experience
  • Expand our range of public game servers for the world to enjoy (as well as private ones for our patreons).
  • Produce open source software and mods for the world to enjoy.
  • Be a source of gaming news, media and entertainment by our website, Youtube, Twitch and social media.
Your support will:
  • Support the funding of our servers.
  • Support the development of our website and software.
  • Give you a stake in the direction of travel.
And as a patreon, you will get access to different levels of rewards depending on how much you pledge. Ranging from having your own website hosting to access to private high performance game servers.
I am working on a gaming community website. This will be a place for you and your friends, group or guild to interact with other gamers. Post in the public forums, or interact within your own group or guild with tools to streamline and improve your gaming experience. 

We host several gaming servers publicly. These are accessible on our games server and we intend on hosting as many public game servers as possible. We are also developing a game server manger software to aid the management of these game servers. The command line version is already open source and we intend on expanding the game server range for the software, as well as expand on its capabilities.

Your support will help us provide more public game servers, motivate and advance the development of our software and aid us in improving the social gaming experience we already provide.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to contact me, message me on here or email me on [email protected]

Want to get involved in the community? Join us on Discord or talk to us on teamspeak, Our website is (work in progress).
58% complete
Once this goal is achieved,  the cost of our servers and domains will be covered
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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