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First tier is to begun to become a part of the story. The name will be developed between the two of us based on lore and patron preferences.




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About Benjamin Davis Shelor

This project, like many, is a labor of love. I started writing a novel when I was 18 and it has evolved so far into three novels, a series of short stories, a DnD universe, and a future Earth full of my imagination.

It began as a study of darkness and light; a future dark age desperate for hope. The world of technological advancement is buried beneath a brutal period of swords. The power of electricity has been replaced with a new kind of power. A spiritual awakening brought to Earth by seven strange moons now hovering over the atmosphere. It could be a time of prestige for the few who can harness such power. But for everyone else, there is little hope for a satisfying life.

Enter the sheltered Bishop's daughter, Cynara. Her past is a lie and her present bleak, but her future choices will be the spark to start a fire in the Spheres of Darkness.

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The goal is to create a world, not just novels. To do that I want to immerse potential readers into an atmosphere able to transport them to the Spheres of Darkness. The first step is to be able to pay for a quality website.
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