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Welcome to Seeds of Magic!!!
The only method that, from a regular seeds makes vegetables bigger and bigger season after season!!!
HOW??? well, that is actually the wrong question.... 
WHERE FROM is the right question! 
Completely organic, safe, and healthy.
How big can your vegetables be? Well, it depends on you! Yes, you heard me well: you. 
Do plants talk?? I do not think so...
But for sure, I will teach you how to listen to them!!
A journey that starts, and ends in you, going through your garden and your life.
Re-connect with life through your garden, and make your veggies as big as you want!!
Enjoy the sublime growth!

Seeds of Magic will be translated into English language and published, with your help, once I get the resources for it! 
Lets make it possible for every person in the world, to read something different, something that, when you practice it, makes life better.
And yes,
of course,
every time
More Healthy Organic Food! 

$0 of $10,000 per month
My first goal, is reaching ten thousand dollars which is the cost for translating my book into English, and at least three other languages that will be chosen by you!! and of course, publishing the book in every language that has been translated into!!!
So, come and join me in this journey in which we Decide plants as our mirror, and they will show us if we are growing as individuals, or not! 
Lets make it possible for every single person in the world, to have acces to healthy organic food!!!
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