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About Seeking Lost

Seekingost is about the pursuit of scenery and solitude through hiking, backpacking and outdoor adventures.

In between my backpacking adventures, I'll be posting informational videos and blog posts on thru hiking, hiking gear, and a variety of other backpacking topics at both the beginner and advanced level. 

The Continental Divide Trail was my first thru-hike in 2018. I would love to do another long trail but have no immediate plans to do so in 2019. However, I am working on a new thru hike route in the West right now, more details on that in the future! 

All of my hikes have detailed trip reports posted on my blog with route descriptions, campsite locations, trailhead locations, trip planning information, maps, GPX files for your GPS, tons of pictures, and more - This information has been, and will remain free to anyone who wishes to use it!
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I have just completed a 3000 mile thru hike of the Continental Divide Trail in 2018. As someone who thrives off adventure and doing things differently, I have decided that I will likely not pursue a thru hike of the AT or PCT, the typical path to the Triple Crown of hiking. Instead, I am currently creating a NEW thru hike route in the West, unlike anything else currently out there. The vision is to create a huge loop through Utah, Idaho, eastern Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. This route will be largely off trail and will pass through some of the most remote and desolate lands in the West. Still only about 30% complete with the route, but I estimate the trail to be around 4000 miles long and could take 8+ months to complete. Stay tuned for MUCH more info on this exciting new thru hike route coming soon!

It should be noted that hiking a long distance trail means a person generally has no income source during that time. The cost of food, gear, shuttles, lodging and other expenses add up to many thousands of dollars. 

If I reach my goal of 100 Patreons, I will be able to allocate the time necessary to finish the intense research and planning required to make this route a reality, walk it of course (could be 8+ months long!), and then all the post-hike stuff... updating my blog and Patreon page with detailed daily journals, maps and mileages, water info, GPS waypoints and everything else future hikers will need to complete the route. I'm essentially writing a guide book for the hike as I go!

Your monthly pledge will also give me time after the hike to bring you a high quality film documenting this new route. It took 4 months of full-time work for me to complete my 31 episode CDT video series on youtube. This is time I could have spent working, but I might not have that same luxury after the next hike.

I truly enjoy sharing my hiking and backpacking adventures with you. Your pledge of any amount helps me allocate more time to bringing you quality outdoor content! Thanks so much for your support :)

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