is creating fanzines, post-graffiti art, landscape medics
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Digital Graffitiporn
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Thank you for helping the GRAFFITIPORN project. Get one original and unique digital graffitiporn drawing every month.

- 300 dpi jpg file that can be printed

Sismotrain Ticket
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Thank you for helping the SISMOTRAIN project. Original hand made sismotrain / acrylic on train ticket (8 x 20 cm / circa 3" x 8"). 

Get one original ticket every month.

Random DIY Fanzine
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Thank you for helping the DIY FANZINE project. 

Get one original DIY fanzine every month. It can be photography, drawing, collage or text. Always very limited edition.




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Zinester since the mid-80's, Seitoung is publishing artzines since 2016. Trained as an Earth-scientist his artistic work explores the telluric instinct of art. He is particularly interested in coastal boulders and is currently working on a land art project with these geomorphic features. Thank you to patrons to support my journey into art and science.
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I publish DIY fanzines and artzines every month. Patreon may give a theme and receive one signed artist copy.

I produce Payscament goodies, i.e. landscape medics, a concept contemporary art I have developed since 2016. Patreons can request Payscament artzines.

Past published zines are listed here: zine merch
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