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This is for those who understand that there isn't something right about themselves, but want to better whats inside. 

-Will receive access to High Quality pages.

-Will receive access to Short Page stories, involving the Gutter Cast.

Angry Alcoholic
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You want to avoid life and want to drift away in the Gutter-y goodness. you want to experience whats to come. 

-Will receive all previous rewards.

-Your Name/Screen Name will be placed at the end of each chapter.

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You accept the Gutter is real, there's a force unseen that life is drawn towards. You grab your heart, scar your face, and run ready to fight whatever horrors may face you young Vagabond.

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-Access to Updates as soon as they are presentable.




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About SelfEntitled Prick

Howdy howdy I'm a Self Entitled Prick. Currently I am the creator of the comic Gutter. The story is about the struggle of dealing with yourself and coming to know that you need accept sometimes it's your fault.  If your a fan please don't think this is required, you continuing to read my material is all you have to do if you wanna support me. However if you feel you want to go above and beyond and help make sure the comic can continue by all means you can donate to support Gutter. 

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Mother I Did It !!!! 
I'll tell my mother about making it to this goal

It's exactly as it sounds, I'll call up my mother and tell her that Gutter and my comics as a whole have started making money.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post