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The Project
The Selkie is a 72-page graphic novel created by writer Claire Lacey and artist Sachie Ogawa. The story is inspired by a creature from Celtic/Icelandic folklore, the selkie. Most of the time selkies live as seals, but they can shed their skin and pass unremarked among humankind. According to legend, if a man steals the skin of a selkie woman, she will be the perfect, most obedient wife, although she will long to return to the sea and do everything within her power to regain her lost pelt.

The Selkie
uses that folklore as a starting point to explore the ambiguity of relationships: what happens when lovers aren't honest about who they really are? The comic explores the murky waters of relationships by shifting the premise of the legend: what if the pelt isn't taken by force, but is instead given up by the inexperienced woman pursuing love who throws off her selfhood for a lover who never asked for or understood her sacrifice?

When Selkie rescues a drowning sailor, she is compelled to disguise herself as a human to check up on him. She's enchanted by the small fishing village she discovers, and even more taken by the handsome young man. They fall in love, and caught up in a whirlwind romance, move in together. But the sailor can't seem to shake his memory of being rescued by an alluring mermaid, and Selkie doesn't know how to tell him that his mermaid was, in fact, a seal, and she hides her transformational power. As time goes on, these two very different interpretations of events grow into an insurmountable silence, and troubled waters quickly become stormy seas...

Who We Are
Claire Lacey is an award-winning Canadian writer who has spent the last two years living in Northern England. Claire's first book of poetry, Twin Tongues, was published by Invisible Publishing in 2013. Claire can be found on twitter as @poetactics.

Sachie Ogawa is an illustrator who currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. Her previous projects include the mangas Sorbet, Zombie Jerkie, and Blackwall. You can see Sachie's work on her website,

The Goal
Work on The Selkie is very nearly complete. This campaign aims to support a print run of our graphic novel. Our initial goal is $400, which will allow us to produce 100 black and white copies. This goal will allow us to complete the following tasks:
  • Print 100 black and white copies of The Selkie
  • Ship copies to backers who have pre-ordered the book
If we happen to exceed this goal, our next funding tier will allow us to include a colour illustration on the cover. Sachie does amazing colour work, so it is really something to aim for!

Thank you for your support!
We appreciate your help, and welcome questions, comments and feedback. Please share the link and spread the word - every little bit counts.

With Love,
Claire and Sachie

$324 of $400 per creation
At this level, we can produce a print run of 100 copies of the 72 page graphic novel.
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