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About Amy 👑 King

Hi! My name is Amy, and I'm a former baker turned freelance artist (you can view some of my other work at my portfolio site) making comics and TTRPG game resources all by my indie self!

Here's how YOU can help me!
Patreon helps literally buy me time to work on the above content and then offer it back to you. Even a buck a month adds up fast, and the more I get, the more extras and other fun stuff I can give back for your generosity. I run a very active campaign with updates sprinkled regularly throughout the month, so you'll never go long without something new to look at!

I offer different tiers depending on how much you'd like to see:

For $1 a month, you get exclusive access to early comic pages, TTRPG resources, concept art, and more! For starters, I'll always post the thumbnails and inks for comic pages - something I don't share elsewhere! - and the completed pages usually weeks before they hit the public.

My current webcomic Harlowe Vanished often has pages up here a month or more before they're set to debut!

BUT WAIT, there's more!

I am currently also offering exclusive content for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, resources you can use in Roll20 or at your home table! All of them come from my original homebrew world of Meraja, which includes a complete new setting for you to try out (seriously, a map with 120 unique locations, custom set of deities, calendar, holidays, everything!) and are available for $1 supporters to download and use in their own games.

If you think you'd like a bit more, consider...

For $3 a month, you gain access to the bonus comic and coloring page vault! You can access bonus comics I will be posting here and nowhere else featuring little one-offs of my comic or other original characters, and I'll also be offering coloring pages of select pieces of my work - something not found anywhere else!

For $10 a month, I will be offering comprehensive breakdowns of my art process, often featuring full illustrations that are not posted elsewhere! This includes commission work, print pieces, personal illustration... you name it.

I will also be hosting livestreams for patrons at this level and above, to come hang out while I get my work done, and have a chat, ask questions, whatever comes up!

But you want MORE, you say? Well, allow me to introduce the piece de resistance:

At $20 a month, I am offering inked and flat colored waist-up character shots*! You send me the references, I send you back a piece EVERY MONTH you donate!

* Yep, there's fine print. Of course there are some things I might not be comfortable drawing, and if your piece is particularly detail-heavy, it may require another month of saving up, but hey, it's STILL a bargain!

Just in case you are new to my work, here's a bit more about my comics:

The first is The Muse Mentor, a long-form, full-color comic about personified thoughts, impulses, notions, and muses, trying to coexist on the mental plane. However it's also about Mona, a notion who doesn't know her function and decides to try and take up the creative works of muses instead, because why not? This comic is FULLY COMPLETED as of January 2017, and you can go read the whole thing right now! Yeah, that's right! All 180 pages are archived online for you to read.

My newer ongoing offering is Harlowe Vanished, focusing on a teenage girl who is ambitiously pursuing her interests in marine biology and the ocean, but is afraid of her future, struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. It also involves Altus, a world very different from Earth, facing its own struggles. It is currently updating with a new page every Monday.

The support I've received means so much, and this includes things like spreading the word about my work! Every bit helps. If you're thinking about supporting me but you have questions or any other kind of feedback, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Thank you for reading!
89% complete
If we can make it here, I can guarantee a monthly batch of comic pages, and possibly even increase the update schedule of Harlowe Vanished.
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