Seppi Garrett

is creating working towards getting my license for massage therapy so that I

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1 hour massage for ever two months of support
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You will receive a one hour massage for every two months of support.
1 hour plus massage per month of support
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I struggle to keep my massages in under an hour, and since you are most likely a good friend who has supported me to this level, I will allow myself to get into the zone and massage you without watching the clock unless you have somewhere to go.  This often translates to between an hour and an hour and a half.  I have my own table and can come to you if its easier.  I may have to limit these to once per month so that I am able to do enough paid massages to cover my bills after being licensed.  
If you would support me on this level, I would provide you with an in home spa retreat. This would include a couples massage (with a guest therapist), home cooked, candle lit meal, other pampering stuff, and my eternal gratitude.
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For the last 5 years I have been investing my time, energy and resources into building community, educating, holding space for others as they journey and, maybe most importantly, promoting the idea that there is "a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible", and its on its way. During this time, I have chosen to live simply and work a "job"  only as much as needed in order to exist financially while still living as best I can into my purpose. I have been anything but lazy. Recently, I have decided to go to Massage Therapy School at Harrisburg Area Community College so that I can make money I need while still helping others and living in alignment with my purpose.  The challenge now, however, is to support my son and I financially  until June of 2018 (which is when I should get my LMT) so that I can focus on my studies, which are much more intense than I had imagined.  What I am asking for is financial support (about $1800/month for rent, food, insurance, his school, etc) until I receive my massage license and can begin doing massages along with my retreat and workshop events I am organizing with Nicole Erin at the Amethyst Retreat Center.  I would like to offer massage cards as a thank you for your support to be used once I am licensed.
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