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Having already studied, researched and developed my own skills in multiple countries, I aim to thoroughly document, apply and pass on these skills to others. With over 10 years of self funded research, and of never being paid to do ceramics, i now look to you to help me achieve my dreams to develop a centre of excellence in which to raise the bar. Australia has many hobby potters but no places to go to learn advanced methods in ceramics. My goal is to raise funds to build my first pottery production studio. I need capitol to lease an establishment, buy kilns, pottery wheels, tools, glaze materials, and clay (just for starting). This is not for beginner pottery. This is for building true future craftsman, giving jobs, and supporting the community. I aim to establish a place in which i can afford to hire apprentices and pass on these traditional skills to others. I thank you in advance for supporting me in this cause and your assistance to make this possible.

Ceramics is a risky business. There are a million variables that can cause things to go wrong. That's why i have spent a whole decade travelling, learning and training under professional traditional craftsman in Italy, South Korea, and Japan. That's why i study hard day and night to progress through education of a diploma, bachelor and finally a master degree in fine arts (specializing in ceramic chemistry).

In November 2018 i will finally finish my master degree. So i won't have access to university facilities anymore. My timing is good because Sydney's 3 top Art universities have shut down their ceramics departments due to a lack of government funding in the arts. Anyways, that still leaves with with no access to facilities post-uni. That brings me to my proposal. To establish a new facility back in my hometown. Issues will arise. I need to first lease an industrial warehouse or farmland, order equipment such as kilns, slab rollers, pottery wheels, and tools. I need to order large baches of good quality clay to help achieve high quality results. Glaze materials to fill a tech lab so i can make new and specialist glaze and clay colours that no else is doing. I've spent the past 10 years developing glazes focusing my educational studies on researching traditional glazes and achieving new and amazing results. Especially in regards to techniques and glaze surfaces that have died out in eastern rural areas due to mass industrialization and youth being uninterested (travelling to cities to pursue high roller careers). I aim to revive these lost techniques.

Turn around time in ceramic work practice is an issue as well. There are many stages to making ceramics. Making forms, drying, altering, trimming, low firing, glazing, adding colour, firing again, and finishing off. Plus all the extra things to do as well such as marketing, selling, advertising, promoting, packaging, shipping and more. That's why i want to eventually make this into a community company. Giving jobs to many roles. Production at the beginning may be slow, but i believe in time with skills taught, rate of production can increase.

I'm still currently finishing off my master degree and am trying to prepare for the next step for post-uni life. So i am currently busy studying but i only have 3 subjects to finish in my degree so its not much to do. Hence, i am here to promote my cause. I aim to really make this possible. Not just to fulfill my dreams but those of others as well.

- Sean Jackson.
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When i reach $500 per month, I'll start a weekly V-log documenting my progress in building a work studio.
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