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You guys are the foundation of what makes this work. I'll continue to stream out content (Poems and stories) for you to read and enjoy. 
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Receive a poem on any topic of your choice. Could be about emotions, atmosphere, you name it and I'll write it. This request ISN'T a one time thing. Every month you may ask again. 
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Receive a short story. The length of this story will be at least two pages long. In this story, you may reach out to me and I'll put in your name and a characteristic of your choice into a character. 




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About Serenity Writing

Hey there! My name is Aaron, and I'm a writer. I've been writing poems and stories for many years, so I have the experience to make something imaginative and enjoyable. I write just about every day, so there will never be a shortage of content.
Thank you so much for stopping by,
Serenity Writing.
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If I manage to reach 100 patrons, I will pump out a new rewards tier, involve myself into the community more, expand my writing pool (Children's books, new styles), and focus more than ever to get quality content out. 
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