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About Seriallos

Hi there!  I'm Seri and I love making useful sites/apps for WoW players!

I'm an avid user of SimulationCraft and have built Raidbots to make using it as easy as possible - no downloads, no repetitive item lookups on Wowhead, and no mucking with fiddly scripts.  Beyond the UI, Raidbots runs simulations on powerful hardware, generally more powerful than your own gaming PC, which both limits performance issues on your own machine as well as making the results available faster.

Also Available: Raidbots Premium

You can subscribe directly on the site which provides some additional billing options (pay for several months at once) - create or login your user and go to your account page.

What is Raidbots?

Raidbots attempts to make using SimulationCraft as easy and fast as possible for folks both new to SimulationCraft as well as seasoned veterans.

Many common tasks are handled: optimizing the gear you have, finding the best drops, generate stat weights for your character, compare gear, and compare talents.

What's in it for me?

Patrons skip the line on the website, can run larger simulations, and can gain additional perks for the Discord bot.

Why Patreon?

Running the site is very expensive. Patreon lets folks who find the site useful fund it directly to make sure I can keep running the site into the future. Direct funding is way more sustainable than just about anything else. I still run ads for non-patrons to help cover additional costs but make sure to provide an ad-free experience for those that support me directly.

What's SimulationCraft?

SimulationCraft is an open source program which rapidly simulates "virtual" WoW combat. It generates a comprehensive report of damage done, damage taken, ability breakdowns, and more. A lot of theorycrafters use it extensively to determine general stat weights (which stats are best for your character), talent recommendations, best-in-slot lists, and more. However, to really min/max your own character, you often need to use it yourself because of the complexity of gear and item iterations. "Sim yourself" has become a common refrain in a lot of class Discords for questions about these things.

SimulationCraft has a pretty active community of developers who are doing the dirty work of building the models and simulations so we can benefit.

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