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About Clara

I'm a content creator, influencer relations lady, community manager, gamer, and dreamer. I want to continue my business in gaming, improve my personal well-being, and create a positive impact on the gaming community, while creating extra content for patrons!

Patreon supports my IRL hopes and dreams, which include gaming-related, business, and personal goals, as well as growing my my stream beyond what subs can cover. It also allows me to provide extra content and perks! So by pledging even $1 per month on Patreon, you are directly supporting my hopes and dreams!

  • Travel to events to network with influencers and industry
  • Professional and personal advancement courses
  • Presence, branding, hosting, updates, and upkeep
  • Community management and gaming event costs
  • Personal development and health
  • Improving my stream
  • Additional goals to the left

I stream video games on Twitch! I love exploring indie games with my community. It's so fulfilling to support indie developers and share my love of video games with an interactive audience. I’ve grown a lot from streaming, and it’s opened many doors for me, including landing my first job in the gaming industry.

I build relationships and work with content creators to help devs and publishers reach more consumers. It's amazing bringing together influencers and game makers to create marketing magic. When a game I'm promoting does well, I am just over the moon.

I love supporting indie developers and their innovative ideas. There's already so much exposure given to AAA titles that I feel the little guys are often overlooked. My content was borne out of passion, so it's only fitting that it should focus on other passion projects. I also have an indie games Discord server

I started the first ever Twitch meetup group right here in Vancouver, BC, back in 2015. Since then, tons of other groups have popped up all over the world. We focus on bringing together content creators, game developers, industry folk, and gamers in a fun, social environment. These events – which include a live stream, game demos, prize giveaways, a creative corner, a photo booth, and more – take weeks to months of planning, but it's worth it to give back to the community I love.

Through live streaming (and making a fool of myself) since 2015, I’ve raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Doctors Without Borders, BC Children’s Hospital, Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, and many other organizations. Each year, I visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and participate in a campaign to raise money for their cause through gaming.

Mental health is vastly under-acknowledged and lacking support in North America. I want to make a difference in gamers' lives, while maintaining my own mental well-being. Many gamers live as outcasts, in isolation, or under scrutiny. Some turn into content creators to cope with these issues. I hope to change that where possible to assist gamers in dealing with being unfairly stereotyped and embracing themselves as confident, capable individuals.

I so appreciate you stopping by my Patreon page and considering supporting me in my life endeavors! Throwing the best karma your way and wishing you a happy journey.

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My goals are constantly shifting because my life constantly shifts. Rather than set a specific dollar amount to each one, here is a wishlist of the things your pledge goes towards:

= achieved  |  → = ongoing
  1. Create a website
  2. Create a merch store and commission designs
  3. Take life and career courses →
  4. Get regular counselling ✓
  5. Create a brand and commission assets ✓
  6. Upgrade stream equipment
  7. Upgrade stream quality and presentation
  8. Organize a local gaming community and events 
  9. Travel to more gaming events →
  10. Host gaming panels, meetups, and other events →
  11. Make regular YouTube videos
  12. Hire a video editor
  13. Hire a manager or community manager
  14. Buy my own home
  15. Open a cafe
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