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is creating a series of Yuri games.
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About Seriously Senpai

Seriously Senpai! thanks for checking out my Patreon! My name is Dev and I want to tell you all about something special that I am working on, which I think you'll be very interested in!

I am making a series of story driven games called Seriously Senpai!, which is set in an all girl, all yuri universe. The series revolves around seven high school seniors who are vying for the love of the invariably admired student council president, Sara Sites. Each of the seven seniors would make for incredible girlfriends but at the end of the school year, only the best girl will chosen by Sara as her one true love. ❤️❤️❤️

Or so the school legend goes. Who knows? It all seems kind of goofy when you think about it too much. Sara Sites isn't even in the first game in the series, so how is that even going to work? I'm not entirely sure but I bet it'll make sense by the end. Until then, we have a whole school year full of cackling comedy, suspenseful swerves, crazy conspiracies, girlxgirl gushing and various other essential vitamins!

I have spent last few years piecing together what I think will be a fun series for fans of Yuri, Harems and High School Comedies that has been inspired by many Anime, Mangas, Visual Novels and various other sources. I want to bring these inspirations together and add new twists of my own to create games that will celebrate some of my favorite stories and genres for fans and newcomers alike.

The first game in the series, Seriously Senpai, I GOTTA Get That Seven Senior Suitor Story! STAT!! is currently eying a late 2019, early 2020 release. It will focus on introducing you to the many characters of this story and let you get a good idea for who to fall in love with in the second and final game of the series, set the be released . . .

Well as eager as I am to start releasing to get these games out, I am going to need a lot of help. Aside from the creation of the premise and characters, my primary role in creating these games has been as a developer. (That is why my parents named me Dev, after all!) I have been working on the coding side of my games in my spare time but other aspects like visual art, writing and music are all out of my scope or stretching me too thin. I will need to start hiring others to work on that which I can not do myself. I will also need help in being able to work more regularly on what I can do on my own. This is where you can help me directly, by supporting me on Patreon.

In return for your support, I will be offering periodic looks of what is going on behind the scenes, some commentary post that describes my thought processes in the creative side of the game, full resolution art work that includes everything from the original character concept arts, sketches and WIP of in-game art and even some new works that have been commissioned just for this kind of thing! I try to post at least something once a month and as I get more supporters, I will increase the frequency of my content. In addition, anyone who supports me will certainly have my ear for what kind of things they would like to see here.

If you wish to help me, please consider a pledge of 1 dollar a month and/or let someone else know about what I'm doing, if you think they would be interested. I won't say that this isn't a lot because I know that it is. You have no shortage of what you can spend your time and money on but if you want to see the Seriously Senpai! universe come to full fruition, your support will go a long way toward making that happen.

Once again, thank you for your consideration of support!
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Periodic post that will contain anything from full resolution concept art of my characters, to commentary and behind the scenes looks at the Seriously Senpai universe.
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