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  • Join the discussion! I try to answer all of my YouTube comments but it's becoming more and more difficult to do so with so many awesome people interacting with each other at Sernoir! This way your voice will be heard (and not randomly blocked by YouTube).
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I have the most fun creating videos for YouTube, especially when I get to laugh at myself because my jokes are so damn good. Hopefully decent comedians will look up to me one day. Jokes aside I'd love to be able to share my experiences with you all through my content as an entertainer. This may involve storytelling, gaming, and random challenges that I decided would be a good idea (but actually weren't).

Quality is a big deal to me so I'll continue to improve on this constantly. However, being rough around the edges gives off its own charm so I won't go too crazy trying to be a perfectionist. I'll be honest and say I'm not too sure what'll be happening on Patreon. Making videos already requires a lot of dedication so I'm not going to promise anything right now.

When I get my channel back on track and have some spiffy ideas for this page I'll update you :) In the meantime if you really feel like supporting sernoir and my awesome jokes, feel free to join!
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If 10 of you join me on Patreon then I'll do a cartwheel on camera. This will be updated with a more ridiculous goal at 50.
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