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Love, Imaya


Hey guys Imaya here, so excited to be opening the doors to my Serpentine Studies Virtual Studio! In this online classroom you can study with me from anywhere in the world and at your own convenience. How does Patreon work? Basically, it's like saying, I dig this person and what they're doing, and I would like to support them. My page is subscription style: for only €10 a month you get access to the entire Serpentine School curriculum, which is a complete movement modality that not just teaches you a dance style - it teaches you how to become your own teacher, a master at learning, and accelerate quickly in picking up new skills, and learning how to 'download' a dance and other movement (like flexibility) into your body.

This course is designed to demystify the (dance) learning process and enable you to train smart and efficiently. The aim of the course is to give you all the tools you need not only to practice and train, but also to help you develop training and learning intelligence - which with time will get you much further - and much faster - than you can now only imagine. The course includes everything you need to develop a strong practice.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate dancers. If you are an absolute beginner - this training will last you at least 12 months. This is the most comprehensive course on tribal fusion dance there is.

Two made for you training schedule options - depending on how fast you want to grow - AND a whole workshop on how to make your own training schedule based on YOUR goals, fitting YOUR schedule, and that you’ll WANT to stick to.

- Complete Beginners Course (2 hours) everything you need as a complete beginner
- Serpentine Routines (x15)
- Shimmy Masterclass
- Serpentine Arms Masterclass
- Deep Practice Workshop
- Pathways Masterclass
- Special Effects Masterclass (make your dance look out of this world)
- Serpentine Stretching & Strengthening Routines
- Serpentine Splits Routine (how to get your splits)
- Fascia (deep tissue) Workshop (flexibility hack)
- Side Undulation Masterclass
- Serpentine Studies: How to Become Your Own Teacher (skill building workshop)
- How to Make a Training Schedule (workshop)
- and much more....

I took my first tribal fusion belly dance class in September 2015 - exactly two years later I founded my own movement & teaching modality Serpentine Studies and taught 75 hour trainings to students flying in from all over the world.

Starting out rather late in the game - at age 27 - I had to face the reality that I didn’t have 10+ years under my belt like most dancers - and I became motivated to figure out how to train smarter - not harder (or longer).

My training journey also become a place for research and inquiry - always learning tweaking and optimizing so that every session would become more efficient. I never trained too consistently or for long hours each day - its just not meant for my body. I did however spend a great deal of time diving deep into how we learn and build skills and all my practice was spend as consciously and focused as possible - I increased quality to the max to make up for quantity. Understanding what you are doing and why is KEY.

Within 1 year of starting tribal fusion I was teaching and performing world-wide and living off my passion full time. At least 90% of my training was done at home through my own practice - the other 10% I spend on trainings with the best tribal fusion dancers out there.

Within about 2.5 years I had performed with many of my favorite artists, opened my second dance studio, was shooting music videos upon artists requests, had tracks named after me, taught a month long live-in training in Bali with attendees flying in from all over the world, and finally developed my own movement modality: Serpentine Studies.

I stopped teaching single classes because I wanted to teach body and movement awareness and growth hacking - not just scripted combinations. I wanted people to become their own teachers - and serpentine studies was born.

This training presents everything I used to grow so fast - and help you cut out all unnecessary training hours and guesswork.

Love, Imaya


A different approach to (what we have come to call) tribal fusion belly dance; one that starts from the inside out.

Serpentine Studies is not about learning particular steps and formats, instead it is a method that tunes and calibrates your body vessel in such a way that you can tap into a channel of energy and information that, once flowing, becomes bigger and stronger over time. It is the energy flowing through this channel that speeds up your learning process, tells you how to work with your body to make it ever more strong and flexible, and does most of the moving (dancing) for you…..


- Serpentine Routines: special 30 minute sessions that cover strength, flexibility, and drilling ALL the fundamentals - in a vinyasa yoga flow style to dope beats!!
- Deep Practice: how to upgrade any movement from great to this-is-unreal level ;) (warning: my methods are rather unorthodox!)

- Masterclasses: 30-60 minute specials on a particular theme, or a tiny detail that can be a total game-changer

- Pathways: a concept unique to Serpentine Studies, the bridge between training and dancing - and my secret to FAST skill building

- Serpentine Special Effects: technique from the hiphop community to complete the serpentine style and make your dance look out of this world

- Serpentine Stretching & Strengthening: stretch like the pros do for a type of flexibility you've never known (I know this sounds very clickbait-y, but you know I don't kid around when it comes to flexibility!)

- Serpentine Studies: learn how to become your own teacher and personal trainer, hack the learning process, make *efficient* training routines for yourself *and* stick to them

- Brain Train: super cray layering
- All for the price of a double shot organic latté (shimmy fuel ;) ) : €10 /month
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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