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About seth "fingers" flynn barkan

I do two things: I play stride piano, and I produce the "best linux games podcast ({" I started creating stride piano videos on youtube over eight years ago simply because no one else was using the (then brand-new) medium to promote and advocate traditional jazz piano on the internet. I started the Best Linux Games Podcast to help spread the love of Linux (my platform of choice for almost 15 years). The podcast comes out every Saturday, and is devoted to only the best games available for Linux. My music videos come out all the time (less so, now that I am no longer a professional musician, but still often enough to maintain proof of life).
I've decided to create a patreon for my videos because, after nearly 400 videos (uploaded over the last 8 years - WOW: I'm frigging old!), and hundreds of emails from fans requesting some way to tip me, I thought patreon would be the best way to let people support the umbrella of creative stuff I put out onto the internet as easily as possible. Thanks so much for your support (and if you don't support me, please consider either donating to JupiterBroadcasting or the Jazz charity of your choice). Cheers!
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