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My name's Seth Womble, I live on the island Kaua'i, and am currently making a giant leap into a full-time life of creativity. I spend my days on mural and studio projects, teaching art to kids, hosting open mic nights, and performing music, both solo and with a band.

I am an advocate for the ocean and any "free time" I have is preferrably spent there. I believe in the simple principles of a healthy life balanced with hard work, good relationships and community. I find great value in helping one another by sharing our experiences, techniques and problem solving.

Great, but what's Patreon and why am I here?!?

Patreon provides a unique platform for me to connect and share with you (fans & patrons) like never before.  

By becoming a patron of mine through a pledge of your choice, you will get first dibs on all my new art works, before they head to my web page or the galleries. There are special monthly rewards like printable hi-resolution artworks, embellished and signed prints, behind the scenes glimpses of my process, how-to videos, give-a-ways and more!... I may even shed some light on how to not take yourself too seriously, of course.

To top it off, I've set a small goal to start a bigger dream. As soon as I hit my first goal, I am going to use Patreon to start a non-profit fund to be used for community art projects.

I'd be truly honored if you were a part of this journey with me! Sign up with Patreon is FREE and there are many other very creative and inspiring folks you can check out too!

Thank you so much for being a part of my BIGGER PICTURE by being a patron! I am really looking forward to putting my work in your hands, connecting with you, and taking my creativity to the next level!

~ Seth
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When my first goal of $500/month is reached, I will start a Non-Profit fund for community art projects. With this fund established, I aim to direct large scale creative projects for communities at little or no expense to them. I would like to help these communities address their uniqueness through creative expression.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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