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Let me take a selfie! Me holding a slate in a random costume with your name and thanks for believing in me, emailed to you with the words 'Rock The World' written with your name on it
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Sometimes selfies don't always feel appealing, and most times it's better when in character to be more in your environment so for those wanting either a cosplay pic will get that mailed to towards them.
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Rock The World a cosplay video giving a shout out to our supporters and a glimpse on what's in store for the future either films or cosplays in the works.




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About Seven7Signs Production

Howdy y'all,
       Vlogger, Cosplayer and Guerrilla filmmaker just reworking this page, still in the works can't promise much except to be social and give as much information as I can but mostly I am an idealist. 
    Follow and get more bizarre concepts and ideas on my page Seven7Signs while trying to grasp life in general.
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Cosplay for Fan Fims; learning how to make costumes for fan films like Nightwing, Spidey and Deadpool to Batman has me realizing how much crazy ideas I'm holding back and want to further explore and collaborate with other filmmakers since my move to Atlanta, so taking everything with a little step to accomplish that and won't be able to without your help you can see some of my work which will be posted on this page more or my site if interested.
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